Messy Health provides specialist Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy & Intervention Guidance for NDIS participants (self-managed and plan-managed)

We deliver Assessment and Therapeutic Intervention services to teenagers and adults. We specialise in disordered eating, trauma, sensory processing differences, binge eating and facilitate culinary art therapy (a person-centered therapy approach). Our service is comprehensive, holistic, and person-centred, and we pride ourselves on providing quality services to those who need it most. 

What are Therapeutic Supports?

Therapeutic Supports, are interventions that aim to improve the quality of life of a Participant. Supports aim to foster skill development, increase independence, and daily living skills, and a person’s ability to engage with their friends, family and community. 

Messy Health services fall under Capacity Building supports and CORE supports within your NDIS plan.

While each session tends to look different, some services commonly include:

  • Spending time in the kitchen using the culinary art therapy modality (person- centered approach) you can read more about culinary art therapy here
  • Grocery list planning
  • Meal planning
  • Supermarket tours (we can also explore ways to decrease sensory overwhelm at the grocery store)
  • Creating pictorial resources to increase food and nutrition education
  • Meal time management consulting (Exploring how we can create a food-positive eating environment that considers each person’s sensory capacity)
  • Family and/or support worker education sessions
  • Increasing interoceptive awareness (exploring ways to increase sensitivity to internal cues like hunger and fullness)
  • Exploring food allergy/sensitivity alternatives

All of our services can be done in person and many of our services can be done online via zoom.

Please feel free to reach out for more information:

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