Work with me

Hello, and welcome everyone!

My name is Maddie and i am the founder of Messy Health. Messy Health is all about having a healthy, fun, happy relationship with food and our body. As a nutritionist, i work with people to help educate them on how to eat intuitively, listen to their body, remove guilt and shame from food choices.

We only get one body, but many of us are taught by society to hate it. One of the most freeing things we can do for ourselves is work on our relationship with our body and empower ourselves to make choices for our body that comes from a place of self-respect, self-acceptance and even self-love.

So if this is something that you’d love to work on, i prioritise meeting clients where they are at and offer several ways to work with me, here is how you can!

Want to learn on your own time, online, at home, self-paced? Check out the Messy Health school

Want to learn more about emotional eating? Check out the Emotional eating lecture

Want to learn more about the link between gut health and mental health? Check out the Gut health/Mental Health link lecture

Want to learn more about the menstrual cycle? Want a non-gendered resource on the menstrual cycle that teaches you how to track the cycle, how to support it, how to understand whats happening hormonally? Check out The Menstrual cycle lecture

Want to learn all about intuitive eating, how to stop dieting, how to connect to your hunger and fullness cues and step away from diets, fads, meal plans etc for good? Check out Food Freedom Fundamentals. Food Freedom Fundamentals is a self-paced, online course (we often do live group rounds where a group of around 10 people enrol in the course and each week we do a live call where you can ask me any questions and have more support from the group and myself, stay tuned to the Messy Health instagram for updates)