We still deserve self-care after we binge

Binge eating can be uncomfortable for many reasons. Understandably, it’s something that we would want to stop. As someone who experienced an eating disorder and now a nutritionist that specializes in disordered eating, I know how out of control binge eating can feel. This post won’t address how to stop binge eating but rather offer you a different perspective than diet culture offers.

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Food Freedom Fundamentals

Hello pals! I felt the desire to sit down and write about the courses we offer in The Messy Health School, so here we are. I created The Messy Health School in may 2020, but i had been working on it for a year. The thing is about business is that have a great idea, you start working on it and then you realise that you needed to start that project in order to get the idea of the actual project that is more aligned to you. When i first started the school i thought i wanted to create lectures, a small class on topics like emotional eating, binge eating and gut health etc. But then i realised i wanted to create something more in depth, i wanted more than just education, i wanted to create a resource that helped take guide someone through the mess that is dieting and how we view food.

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Your mental health is more important than your grades

So i’m currently in my last trimester of university and currently the world is experiencing the COVID19 pandemic. As you can imagine the world is quite tense and overwhelming. I consider myself to be very lucky, im safe, i have the ability to self isolate and have what i need. But feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and fear are things that i can’t shake at the moment.

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