Food Freedom Fundamentals

Hello pals! I felt the desire to sit down and write about the courses we offer in The Messy Health School, so here we are. I created The Messy Health School in may 2020, but i had been working on it for a year. The thing is about business is that have a great idea, you start working on it and then you realise that you needed to start that project in order to get the idea of the actual project that is more aligned to you. When i first started the school i thought i wanted to create lectures, a small class on topics like emotional eating, binge eating and gut health etc. But then i realised i wanted to create something more in depth, i wanted more than just education, i wanted to create a resource that helped take guide someone through the mess that is dieting and how we view food.

The 2020 version of Food Freedom Fundamentals look completely different to what it looks like now, it’s a completely different set up and curriculum but i think that’s really important that i’ve let it unfold into what it is now. I launched this self-study, online course last year, had amazing people go through the course and offer me feedback which i have used to update the program to make it more accessible. Food Freedom Fundamentals is basically the steps i took to unlearn diet culture and relearn intuitive eating, food boundaries, and food freedom.

We have 10 main lessons, videos, activities, journal prompts, and you can see the lay out here.

My favourite part of the course is the where we talk about emotional eating, emotional regulation and intentional eating. This topics had the most impact on me in my journey with food. Recently i have been writing a lot about intentional eating, what that looks like for me, learning about actual basics of self-care and it’s been such a wild ride. So many of us are trying all these diets, patterns of eating or protocols and hoping for a miracle but haven’t met their bodies basic food needs. This was me, i have been burnt out for most of my life, i had no idea what self care looked like, i had no idea how to feed myself every few hours, intellectually i knew what all of this was, but i had so many blocks. I felt angry at my body for being hungry all the time, i felt like my time was better spent working and then i realised that i have been angry at my body for having needs an then remembered all the times in my life that i have been made to feel like my needs are annoying. This is when things really shifted for me. Food Freedom Fundamentals for me has been a permission slip to reclaim my needs, pick them up and unapologetically put them in front of me as a way of showing myself and others that they deserve to be met and that’s what i will be putting first from now on.

I have learned about my body image, my health, my body, food and nutrition during my food freedom process but i think the biggest lesson i learned is that i deserve to take up space, to be respected, to be taken care of, by me and by others when i need. Food Freedom spills freedom into every part of your life and gives us the opportunity to focus on the things that bring us pleasure and joy instead of using all of our energy trying to be someone else’s version of acceptable.

As a business owner, i also wanted to make sure that people were investing in my work from a place of empowerment rather than fear. I didn’t want to restrict access to the course by opening and closing enrollment. I love simple, i love genuine and so i wanted to make sure that people had access and choice when it comes to my work so ita always open for enrollment, updated and new lessons added in often and we do have scholarships available (everytime someone enrolls in our courses we offer a scholarship so please feel free to contact us).

If you would like to check out Food Freedom Fundamentals then you can do so here.

Lots of love, Maddie xx

Your mental health is more important than your grades

So i’m currently in my last trimester of university and currently the world is experiencing the COVID19 pandemic. As you can imagine the world is quite tense and overwhelming. I consider myself to be very lucky, im safe, i have the ability to self isolate and have what i need. But feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and fear are things that i can’t shake at the moment.

The classes that i have are intense, heavy in biochemistry and maths and i usually enjoy the challenge, but at the moment this isn’t the case. The idea of sitting down for hours and working out chemical equations and calculating the concentration of salt in a sauce sample seems so ridiculous with everything going on. I’m dealing with a lot of feelings of grief and loss even though i am safe for right now. I honestly can’t fathom giving a single fuck about whether i get a distinction this trimester at uni. For the first time in my whole academic journey i have just wanted to do the bare minimum and pass.

I hold a lot of my self worth around my itelligence and for my whole life. I felt like that my intelligence was the only thing i had to offer the world. I’ve known for years that the concept of intelligence is so subjective and personally haven’t actually felt that university made me smart at all, in fact it kind of felt like the opposite. School stifled me lot and i know i’m not the only one who feels that way. So why have i always been so stressed about making sure i get high marks? Many of my friends who have graduated have said that if they could go back to uni, they would do the bare minimum, pass, graduate and start their career because even if one person got high distinctions and another just passed, they both will come out with the same degree.

During this time, i want to throw away any shame that i have around doing what i need to do to preserve my mental health. One of these shames, is not prioritising getting high marks. Prioritising getting high marks right now and pushing myself non-stop until the deadline will negatively impact my mental health.

This trimester, i will do what i can. What i can do is not what i’m usually capable of and that’s okay. My current abilities are valid and enough, they always will be and so are yours. I don’t believe that using this time to “hustle” or forcing myself to be “productive” is actually going to help me. If i feel up to working harder on my assignments i will, but i refuse to feel guilty about putting my mental health over my studies.

If you are someone who is feeling guilty about not being “productive” during this pandemic, i’m with you. But we are enough as we are and looking after your mental health should take rein over anything else.

I hope you are all well.

lots of love,


Energy Exchange

Something that people ask me a lot is, why are they always so tired? This could be for various reasons. Are you eating enough? Are you sleeping enough? Are you moving your body? Are there any medications that you’re taking that may be contributing to your exhaustion?

But something i urge people to consider is, who and where are you placing your energy into? Social media is an energy exchange, ever spent a lot of time on your phone and somehow feel physical and mentally drained? Engaging with people around you is an energy exchange, do you ever spend time with someone and feel drained? Have you ever spent time with someone and walked away feeling vibrant and alive? These are all energy exchange.

You don’t have to meet someone in the energy they’re projecting onto you. We are told from a young age that saying no is almost disobedient, its rude and selfish, but this is because we live in a world where there are zero boundaries, the people who are on top have gotten there by crossing boundaries and now we live in a world where no one has energy anymore, no one has intense passion and fire anymore.

You can lovingly say that you respect where someone is at, but you’re not going to meet them there. This is an act of self care. This is loving, not only to yourself but for those around you. Boundaries are a way to show love, again that may be self love, or it may be that you care for a relationship or friendship so much that you need these boundaries in order to show up as your best self.

Sit back and reflect on how you feel when you interact with others. Is your time better spent manifesting and working on things that are going to uplift you, or are you going to pour your energy and time into people and situations that do not serve you?