Intuitive eating and neurodiversity

Hello pals, i have been wanting to write this for a while! Intuitive eating is not flawless. Intuitive eating is a framework for eating and feeding that was created for privileged and neurotypical people in mind. That’s not to say that marginalised people or neurodivergent people can’t eat intuitively, it’s more that the way it’sContinue reading “Intuitive eating and neurodiversity”

We still deserve self-care after we binge

Binge eating can be uncomfortable for many reasons. Understandably, it’s something that we would want to stop. As someone who experienced an eating disorder and now a nutritionist that specializes in disordered eating, I know how out of control binge eating can feel. This post won’t address how to stop binge eating but rather offerContinue reading “We still deserve self-care after we binge”

Your mental health is more important than your grades

So i’m currently in my last trimester of university and currently the world is experiencing the COVID19 pandemic. As you can imagine the world is quite tense and overwhelming. I consider myself to be very lucky, im safe, i have the ability to self isolate and have what i need. But feelings of overwhelm, anxietyContinue reading “Your mental health is more important than your grades”