My name is Maddie Deakin and i am a Australian Nutritionist who specialises in the non-diet approach and intuitive eating. I’m extremely passionate about food and the relationship we with cultivate with it. I don’t believe diets or intentional weight loss inherently make us healthier, instead i believe they make us hyper focused around nutrients/calories and less focused on food itself and how it makes us feel.

I help others develop a healthy relationship with food that’s built on joy, freedom and intuition. You’ll often find me breaking down the science behind nutrition and the psychology around it on Messy Health which you can follow here.

I am also the founder of The Messy Health School which is an online school where i create lectures, courses and other resources to help educate others on how to heal their relationship food, how to cultivate health and learn about their body. You can learn more about the school here


What are your values?

Messy Health works through a Health at Every Size framework. This means that Messy Health is against fat shaming, diet culture, diets, weight stigma and basically anything that makes people feel like their body is a problem that needs to be fixed. We work through a feminist lens, are fat positive, body positive, LGBTQIA+ positive, anti-racist and work on developing our understanding of social justice issues every day.

Do you offer payment plans for your courses and lectures?

We sure do! We prioritise accessibility and whenever possible will have payment plans and scholarships available! Please email me: messyhealth@outlook.com if you would like a scholarship to The Messy Health School

What are your qualifications?

I have a bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science from Deakin University and am registered with Nutrition Australia. I’m currently studying my masters of social work.