About me

My name is Maddie Deakin and I am an Australian Nutritionist and food behaviour specialist (Anti-diet and weight inclusive). I am extremely passionate about food, cooking, health, and how all these things intersect which is why I created Messy Health

Messy Health started as an Instagram account where I wrote about all the things I was learning at university, my research, and opinions on health-related topics. It’s now grown into a private practice and online school. 

In my private practice, I work 1:1 with NDIS participants to help build an expansive and joyful relationship with food.

I am currently studying occupational therapy and intend of undertaking a masters in food systems and gastronomy (the relationship between food, culture and art). Alongside my private practice and teaching, i also work as a food and nutrition researcher.

The occupational therapy and food science aspects of my career often overlap. Occupational therapy helps to assist people to get back or to participate in activities that are meaningful and necessary to them. Food is definitely one of these areas and i am very passionate about making food and cooking more accessible to all people.

My goal is to create intentional and a liberating body of work. I always try to do this in a way that is respectful and compassionate towards others and myself. I prioritise humanity and don’t prescribe to the idea that people are disposable or deserve to be ostracized for being human and making mistakes. I believe this is integral to my work and will always prioritise this above cancel culture and other socially acceptable ways of disposing of people.

If you would like to explore Messy Health’s educational resources, you can find them here.

If you are interested in the food science, gastronomy, sensory experience of food then come over to Messy Food, our educational start up.

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