About me

My name is Maddie Deakin and I am an Australian Nutritionist and food behaviour specialist (Anti-diet and weight inclusive). I am extremely passionate about food, cooking, health, and how all these things intersect which is why I created Messy Health

Messy Health started as an Instagram account where I wrote about all the things I was learning at university, my research, and opinions on health-related topics. It’s now grown into a private practice and online school. 

In my private practice, I facilitate culinary art therapy and work 1:1 with NDIS participants to help them build an expansive, free and joyful relationship with food.

I am also the founder of The Messy Health School which is an online school where I create lectures, courses, and other resources to help others heal their relationship with food and their body and expand their understanding of health and wellbeing. Currently, we have two courses:

Food Freedom Fundamentals: An online and self-paced course that helps you unlearn beliefs about food, health, and your body that are no longer serving you or are getting in the way of you having freedom and peace with food. We then discuss many ways in which we can create new beliefs and practices that align with individuals’ values and needs. 

Take up Space: An online and self-paced course all about sexuality and body image. Take up Space aims to help people understand why we feel self-conscious, why boundaries are imperative, why we are trained to abandon our wants and needs, why we feel shame about our sexual health, behaviors, and beliefs, and more! 



What are your values?

Messy Health works through a Health at Every Size framework. This means that Messy Health is against fat-shaming, diet culture, diets, weight stigma, and anything that makes people feel like their body is a problem that needs to be fixed. 

We also proudly:

  • Practice fat-acceptance
  • Practice through an intersectional feminist lens 
  • Practice anti-racism 
  • Work on our social justice understanding daily and aim to do better when we make mistakes. 
  • Practice body- acceptance, body-neutrality, body-positivity
  • LGBTQIA+ ally (and member, Bi AF)

Do you offer payment plans for your courses?

We sure do! We prioritize accessibility in all its various forms and whenever possible will have payment plans and scholarships available! Every time someone enrolls in one of our courses we offer a scholarship to someone who thinks they may benefit from one of our resources. 

Please email me: messyhealth@outlook.com if you would like a scholarship to The Messy Health School. 

What are your qualifications?

I have a bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science from Deakin University and am registered with Nutrition Australia. I’m currently studying a master’s in occupational therapy.

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