Some thoughts about food insecurity

Food insecurity is a massive issue and is not just an issue in certain countries (even though it’s commonly associated with particular countries.), food insecurity is something i have experienced myself when i was a child. Food security is defined as when all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life. One in four people globally is moderately or severely food insecure.

Food insecurity is often left out of many nutrition conversations but it needs to be at the center of them. Many health professionals and health gurus firmly encourage people to eat a particular way, to eat “clean,” eat lots of “superfoods” and avoid fast food but what this does is place certain foods on a pedestal and by result placing shame around others. This is not health-promoting nor helping people create long-lasting health-promoting habits. It perpetuates elitism, ableism, and shame around food. As a society, we are not ready to talk about why many people aren’t eating lots of fruit and veg until we have had conversations about food insecurity and then created structural changes to our food system so everyone has the same access to food and resources to prepare and store those foods.

Food desserts are real, many people have fast food more accessible to them than a supermarket. So to have conversations about why people eat the way they eat can be harmful and not necessarily a reflection of what someone wants to eat, but rather a reflection of what something has to eat.  White supremacy and capitalism have built a food system that centers on profit instead of accessibility, community wellbeing, and security 

If you are someone who has food security, there are so many things we can do to help. Perhaps you have a local food bank/community fridge/cupboard? Contribute non-perishable items like canned foods. But also don’t assume that these foods need to be basic. Just because someone experiences food insecurity doesn’t mean they would appreciate/know how to use elevating ingredients like oils, vinegar, spices, herbs, etc.

Movements like food justice aim to make sure that our food system is sustainable and accessible. If you would like to explore food justice then check out Messy Health’s FREE online class all about food justice. Check here to learn more information or to watch!

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