May favorites

This last month has been wild, I took the terrifying leap and became my own boss, finished my thesis (only four units left!!!!), I spent a lot of time with family, aligned a little bit which caused a few people to leave my life. This past month was productive, full of growth and alignment. I’m pretty excited to see where the next month goes.

My dear fried Liza (you can find her on Instagram at @lizakhins) totally inspired these monthly posts. I love reading hers and I always come away from these posts inspired so here we go.


I have been actually ready fiction for the first time. I’m dipping my toes into the fiction world with finalllllly reading Harry Potter.

But as for nonfiction reads, i’ve been loving Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and The Body Knows the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk. I also have been enjoying stepping back from reading nutrition research to reading more psychology and trauma cantered research, very fascinating.

Self-development work:

This past month I have felt this inner shift, I wasn’t sure what it was (still don’t really know) but I took a lot of time off of social media and re-evaluated a lot. I was sitting in a hotel room and thinking about what my next step was, so I started future self-journaling a concept by The Holistic Psychologist and so that day and every day since, I have committed to this practice, it’s kind of confronting to be honest, but very powerful.


All apologies by Nirvana, Day dreaming by Jack and Jack, So close by Kyle Lionhart, Black by Pearl Jam are all current faves!

Plans for the next month:

I have a month off of studying so I’m planning on being really intentional with my time and being as creative as possible.  But I do have some cool things happening. Firstly, I have my very first Messy Health Lecture, My first public speaking gig, a revamped season 2 of The Messy Health Podcast and a few other exciting things. But for right now, I’m off to Melbourne to relax with my family, go to savers and see old friends.