About Maddie

Hello there, my name is Maddie, I’m 24, a Nutritionist and Nutritional adviser from Australia.

I have worked within the Australian media for close to two years now and have a special internet in people relationship with food and their body.

I love olives, mango, white chocolate, dinner parties, dancing, swimming, reading, writing and being with my family and friends. I’m so easily contented haha.

Later 2018 I started Messy Health, an Instagram page where I debunked myths, read through thousands of journal articles (so you don’t have to, you’re welcome ;)) and made posts about health in its various forms.

During this time, I was deep I my recovery from orthorexia, where I wouldn’t eat anything “unhealthy”, no oils, no preservatives, no additives, nothing high in fat, no animal products, no tap water, nothing that wasn’t organic etc and when I started Messy Health, my had enough, I was weak, hair was falling out, hormones way off, no period, no ovulating etc. so I needed to step back and heal, so that’s what I did. Messy Health was a place I was subconsciously putting everything that I had learnt and been applying to myself.

Fast forward five months and I have recovered, I eat and move intuitively, have a great relationship with food and body and am the happiest I have ever been.

This space is going to be a collection of posts about food, recovery, all aspects of health including physical, mental, social, sexual, emotional and spiritual health.

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