The truth about Detox Diets

Whether it’s lemon water or a Instagram model laughing at her salad that’s dressed with apple cider vinegar, it’ s not difficult to be to be sucked into the detox facade. The concept that you can flush out your dietary sins with a daily dose of lemon water and a HIIT session is something that… Continue reading The truth about Detox Diets

Why am I Anti-Diet?

At first this concept was something that I used to validate my experiences around food. I finally realized that eating according to a meal plan or avoiding certain foods wasn’t something my body did well, it rebelled and for a long time I felt like a failure, that I was the problem. Then I came… Continue reading Why am I Anti-Diet?

May favorites

This last month has been wild, I took the terrifying leap and became my own boss, finished my thesis (only four units left!!!!), I spent a lot of time with family, aligned a little bit which caused a few people to leave my life. This past month was productive, full of growth and alignment. I’m… Continue reading May favorites

Energy Exchange

Something that people ask me a lot is, why are they always so tired? This could be for various reasons. Are you eating enough? Are you sleeping enough? Are you moving your body? Are there any medications that you're taking that may be contributing to your exhaustion? But something i urge people to consider is,… Continue reading Energy Exchange